Princess Nokia

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Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is a musical collective lead by twenty-two year old Destiny Nicole Ortiz. (formerly known as Wavy Spice) Destiny is an up and coming, multifaceted, DIY artist from the New York City underground. Her unique musical style blends tribal beats, with trip hop and R&B – creating an exciting and unprecedented crossover of sounds. Her first independent album, Metallic Butterfly released in May of 2014 combines a post-Internet-era view on cyber-feminism, a metaphysical awareness of nature, sex and drugs; often stepping into a dystopian, or indigenous landscape. Her songs are both hypnotic and hyper reality driven. Vice Magazine hailed the album as being, “…one of the most exciting and ambitious [albums] to come out of the NYC underground in a long time…” Aside from her music, Destiny also hosts a weekly web-radio show that she DJs as part of her feminist art collective, Smart Girls Club, helping to open up dialogue and support for young women of all ethnicities in music and the arts.

Upcoming shows_

22 Jun 2017 Princess Nokia Lille, France Aeronef Aeronef
23 Jun 2017 Princess Nokia Marseille, France Marsatac Festival Marsatac Festival
24 Jun 2017 Princess Nokia Glastonbury, United Kingdom Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury Festival
29 Jun 2017 Princess Nokia Roskilde, Denmark Roskilde Festival Roskilde Festival
30 Jun 2017 Princess Nokia Toulouse, France Siestes Electroniques Siestes Electroniques
01 Jul 2017 Princess Nokia Tilburg, Netherlands Woo Hah! Festival Woo Hah! Festival
02 Jul 2017 Princess Nokia Brussels, Belgium Couleur Café Festival Couleur Café Festival
06 Jul 2017 Princess Nokia Novi Sad, Serbia Exit Festival Exit Festival
07 Jul 2017 Princess Nokia Katowice, Poland Nowa Muzyka Festival Nowa Muzyka Festival
08 Jul 2017 Princess Nokia Kutná Hora, Czech Republic Creepy Teepee Festival Creepy Teepee Festival
08 Jul 2017 Princess Nokia Trencin, Slovakia Pohoda Festival Pohoda Festival
09 Jul 2017 Princess Nokia Liège, Belgium Les Ardentes Festival Les Ardentes Festival
11 Aug 2017 Princess Nokia Malmö, Sweden Malmö Festival Malmö Festival
12 Aug 2017 Princess Nokia London, United Kingdom Sunfall Festival Sunfall Festival
13 Aug 2017 Princess Nokia Helsinki, Finland Flow Festival Flow Festival
07 Sep 2017 Princess Nokia Pula, Croatia Outlook Festival Outlook Festival
12 Sep 2017 Princess Nokia Berlin, Germany Huxleys Huxleys
14 Sep 2017 Princess Nokia Copenhagen, Denmark Vega Vega
15 Sep 2017 Princess Nokia Oslo, Norway Parkteatret Parkteatret
16 Sep 2017 Princess Nokia Rotterdam, Netherlands BIRD BIRD