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Slow Magic

Slow Magic returns with his first new single since 2014’s How To Run Away in the form of “Mind” featuring Sweden’s Kate Boy. This marks the first time Slow Magic has featured vocals on one of his tracks. It’s also a fresh take on the sound Slow Magic has been developing since How To Run Away. There’s a driving beat and pitched up backing vocals, both ever-present elements on any Slow Magic creation, but here he’s pulled out the organic elements of his live percussion which sets him apart from so many of his peers and emphasizes the live element of his production.

The genesis for “Mind” began when Slow Magic and Kate Boy met a couple of years ago at a German festival that took place in an abandoned car factory. Slow Magic recalls, “I remember sneaking through the backstage area and onto the roof to watch their set. I had wanted to work with them ever since I heard their song ‘In Your Eyes.’ I recorded the live drums for ‘Mind’ in Stockholm, Sweden in a studio that metal bands usually record at.”

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